About Campus Matters

Student circle.umn.2013The world is flat, but it is not featureless. Place still matters.

Reports of the death of the university are premature.  Still, as the digital transformation of higher education gains momentum, traditional business models and facilities practices are being disrupted.  From office and classroom, to library and laboratory the academic experience of students and faculty members is being fragmented.

Universities that adapt their business models and scales to accommodate a digital future can thrive as they improve learning and research effectiveness.  Institutions over-invested in obsolete bricks and mortar will be at a competitive disadvantage.

I believe that the physical campus will remain viable only by providing qualities that cannot be duplicated elsewhere.  This value proposition lies in the campus and a balance of scheduled spaces [ classrooms / office / lab ] and unscheduled spaces [libraries / study / meeting ] to support a transient community of students and faculty members.

campusmatters.net is about the future of the campus as colleges and universities move to an increasingly virtual existence.