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Michael is a Visiting Scholar in the School of Architecture at the University of Minnesota and Visiting Professor in the Center for 21st Century Universities at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  He teaches Planning and Design of the University and studies the future of the campus and the facilities implications of the digital transformation of higher education.

A licensed architect, Michael has a Master of Architecture from the State University of New York at Buffalo and Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Kansas.  He has led architectural practices serving campuses throughout the US and Canada, was University Architect for the University of Missouri System and University of Arizona and has taught at the University of Kansas and North Carolina State University.

His email address is jmhaggans@gmail.com

Interview by Scott Carlson – Chronicle of Higher Education

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Online Education Impacts Campuses – 2017

Equivalent of 500,000 undergrads are only online

Is traditional undergraduate campus building space being made less necessary by online education? Yes.

The growth of online education is depressing the need for the brick and mortar of campuses just like online sales are reducing the need for retail space. In fall 2015 the scale of the undergraduate impact was      12 Arizona States or          52 Harvards.


So far more than 23 million square feet of traditional campus space has been obviated by online education. This space is existing and unbuilt.

  • Existing – excess space that is no longer needed; and
  • Unbuilt – space that need not be built.

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